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How to choose an indoor vape kit?

We all may be staying home for a while. And for those who enjoy a nice cloud-rich outdoor vape, this may mean some adjustments. Is there anything special about vaping indoors?


How to get more nicotine from your vape?

When you vape, the nicotine is absorbed in your throat and airway. So you can turn up the power on your device, and decrease coil resistance in order to get more nicotine out of your vape juice.


Tips for you to know how you have a PG allergy.

4% of people in the world are allergic to propylene glycol, one of the main components in e-liquids. This may not seem like much as your chances of having a PG allergy are pretty low. But, if you are indeed...

What type of vaper are you?

We are not much for stereotypes — but we are a lot about fun. In this post, we look at the 5 categories of vapers and the vaping devices that might work for the best.    The beginner   We’ve...

Vaping battery safety for regulated mods

From pod mods to box mods — all vaping gadgets come with batteries. And this means that there is a risk, though very small, of something going wrong. The worst case scenario here would be a battery explosion — and...

Is vaping less expensive than smoking?

Generally, yes. Naturally, it depends on how much you vape — and what your vape. But if you break it all down, vaping comes out to be substantially less expensive. The first (and only) major investment you will need to...

Is vaping better than smoking?

It depends on what you mean by “better”. Vaping is significantly less harmful to your health than smoking. According to the extensive research curated by Public Health England, vaping is 95% less health-risky than smoking — and that’s the key...

Battery safety for mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are more sophisticated devices and are typically recommended for experienced vapers. Unlike regulate mods, mechanical mods give you more freedom for personalizing your vape but there is no electric circuit responsible for controlling the wattage — both wattage...


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